EY - Finland winner

Vesa Korhonen

Managing Director

Nocart Ltd.

Profile video

Vesa Korhonen wanted to use his experience in the energy industry to make a real difference in the world. So in 2010, he founded Nocart, intent on powering the 1.2 billion people globally who still have no access to electricity. Today, the company is a leader in green energy supply and growing fast — revenues have quadrupled each year since its start.

Clever technological innovation is at the heart of Nocart. Its power management unit (PMU) controls the production, storage and distribution of power, and its power plants combine solar, wind, bio and other energy sources.

Nocart is focused on developing regions such as Africa, where demand for electricity is growing faster than production capacity. Today, 95% of Nocart’s turnover originates from Africa and Southeast Asia. In 2017, the company announced a US$200m deal from Zambia.