EY - Japan winner

Takateru Kawano


TKP Corporation

Takateru Kawano founded TKP Corporation in 2005 with a commitment to reduce wastefulness or mottainai. The company was created to transform vacant commercial offices into conference centers to meet the demand for social and corporate event space in Japan. He came up with the idea of adding new value to an idling asset after he discovered a vacant office building in Tokyo that was going to be destroyed. Today, the company manages 1,800 rooms that are used by approximately 1.5 million people each month. TKP also offers banquet halls for large events such as weddings and provides customers with catering, on-site technical support and audiovisual equipment.

Takateru has continued to evolve and expand TKP Corporation globally, with conference centers in Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York, and he has plans for further expansion.

Throughout the company’s growth, Takateru has always remained committed to his mission: “I want to make the world a better place by taking anything that is wasting away or mottainai and add a new value to it to make it valuable for society.”