EY - Russia winner

Michael Kuchment



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In 2017, Michael Kuchment made an exciting trip to the North Pole. Upon arrival, he knew exactly how he wanted to mark the occasion: by planting the Hoff company flag. It stands as a celebration of the hard work and tenacity he has needed to grow his furniture and interior design business into the success it is today, with 34 hypermarkets spread across Russia.

Michael says a key moment in Hoff’s growth was during the ruble devaluation in 2014. The company reacted quickly by reducing imports and increasing the number of Russian-made goods. Unlike their competitors, Hoff also made the bold decision to hold prices steady. That decisiveness gained market share, with sales last year growing 43%.

Michael is looking to technology to help grow sales even further. He believes virtual reality can be a tool to improve the experience of customers, allowing them to visualize how furniture will look in their home.