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Andries van Heerden


Afrimat Limited

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Andries van Heerden cofounded Afrimat in 2006 with the ambitious goal of consolidating the aggregates industry in South Africa. Under his leadership, the company is now listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and has become a leading mining company, providing construction materials and industrial minerals. It is the biggest supplier of aggregates by volume in South Africa.

Andries has realized his goal by undertaking a series of careful acquisitions over the last decade that has seen the company grow in value to US$287m. His strategy has been to find companies at the bottom of the business cycle and return them to profitability.

He believes that “success is the reaching of your goals in such a way that the people around you also benefit from it.” Afrimat employs 3,000 people in a country plagued by unemployment, and its low staff turnover is a result of Andries’ insistence on a culture of trust, teamwork and perseverance.