EY - Switzerland winner

Thomas Hanan

Founder and Managing Director

Webrepublic AG

Profile video

Thomas Hanan was an early believer in the potential of analytics-based digital marketing. In 2009, after spells at Yahoo and Google, he founded Webrepublic. In just a few years, he has turned the company into a leader in digital marketing and the largest owner-managed agency in the sector.

The company’s approach involves the combination of two seemingly different disciplines: data analytics and creativity. Thomas believes that it is only when the two are fused together that the potential of digital marketing can be unlocked.

Under Thomas’ leadership, Webrepublic has attracted 120 Swiss and global international brands as clients. It employs a team of 150 marketing and technology experts, who work across 30 global markets and speak 12 different languages.

Thomas has created a fun, creative environment for his workforce. He wants it to be a place where his employees can say, after they retire, that Webrepublic was the best employer.