EY - Taiwan winner

Dr. J.W. Kuo

Group Chairman

TOPCO Scientific Co. Ltd.

Profile video

Semiconductors, healthy lifestyle products and fisheries may not seem the most likely of bedfellows, but Dr. J.W. Kuo has successfully combined all three under the umbrella of TOPCO Scientific. As Group Chairman, he has implemented a vast diversification strategy since the company’s IPO in 2003.

The company has branched out from its roots as a technology company to embrace new industries such as the food and lifestyle sectors and renewable energy. It reflects the areas J.W. feels most passionate about: the physical and mental well-being of his fellow Taiwanese, the environment, and the healthy processing and manufacturing of food.

J.W. was inspired to take the company in these new directions by a comment he heard from the Dalai Lama: “When you’re young you sacrifice your health for the sake of earning lots of money, and when you’re old you need to spend that money in order to maintain your health.”

In 2013 he founded Anyong Fresh, a supermarket that provides fresh, healthy food. Soon to follow was Kanbo Biomedical, a company that offers high-quality health care products. The company also founded a baseball team, the Topco Falcons, to foster a baseball culture in Taiwan and encourage fitness.