Awards and recognition

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We’re proud every time a client tells us that our insights made the difference for them. But they’re not the only ones who recognize our work. We’re honored to be celebrated with some of the industry’s biggest awards.


EY - MAKE Global

We have won 19 Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) awards with recent recognition for our efforts to activate a knowledge-sharing culture.

Having been a MAKE finalist every year since the award launched, we also rank in the Global MAKE Hall of Fame.

EY - MAKE China

In 2017, we were awarded our fourth China MAKE award since the program’s inception in 2014. The China judges recognized us for understanding our clients’ needs and issues, for generating local issues with global relevance and for driving growth with knowledge across China and all of EY.

EY - MAKE Hong Kong

Since the separate Hong Kong MAKE award was launched ten years ago, we have won in every year. The local judges have commended on technology deployment efforts as part of our pursuit of a vibrant knowledge sharing culture.

EY - KM world

In 2015, we were named a KMWorld Reality award finalist for the third time. This year we were recognized for our coordinated knowledge champion network. Comprised of engaged and motivated practitioners, the network provides our people with the necessary context and rationale for individually contributing to a knowledge sharing culture.

EY - Intranet Benchmarking Forum IBF

We were awarded the Intranet Benchmarking Forum IBF Mark and an Institute of Internal Communications award of excellence for our global intranet and online communities.

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