Global review 2016

Disrupt – or be disrupted?

Just like our clients, we need to be prepared to disrupt our business before someone else does.

Is every industry now your industry?

Industry convergence — the blurring of two or more previously distinct industries – affects all businesses in all sectors.

Will growth in the emerging markets be inclusive or exclusive?

Digital disruption is having a significant impact on growth in the emerging markets.

Asking better questions

Fulfilling our purpose starts by asking better questions, because in a rapidly changing world there are no easy answers.

What does purpose mean for public policy?

We build a better working world by building trust and confidence in the capital markets and in the institutions that are involved in them.

How do you prepare for a future you can’t predict?

We are building an innovation capability that will allow us to evolve and change with all the shifts and challenges that are taking place.

What does work look like in a better working world?

We are evolving our recruitment strategy to attract talent from the cutting edge of innovation and technology.

If you see challenges from different perspectives, how much better will the solution be?

Diverse teams with different experiences and cultural backgrounds are better equipped to anticipate disruption.

Is creating change the business of business?

We believe we have an important role in helping to solve some of society’s most challenging issues.

Can you understand the full picture without seeing what lies beneath?

The future of our Assurance practice is focused solidly on driving quality and innovating services.

Is the next evolution of big data, big judgment?

In Advisory, we are increasingly investing in areas such as digital technology, cybersecurity, analytics and business transformation.

When cars speak to each other will our data remain private?

Our legal services expansion in Tax continues this year with law services in more than 80 countries around the world.

Is selling the new buying?

In FY16 TAS advised on eight of the top 10 deals in the global M&A market.