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Our EY@Work program is changing the way we work.

Through EY@Work we are creating energizing and efficient environments for our people that enable them to work fluidly both in and out of the office – whether they are in transit, at home or based at a client site.

Our EY@Work offices are outfitted with technology like integrated instant messaging software that allows for calls, conferences and video chat; video conferencing; office-wide WiFi and interactive room booking systems. This helps our people to work and team more easily, whether colleagues are down the hall or around the world.


In our EY@Work offices there are a variety of spaces that our people can use based on how they prefer to work or what they’re working on. We have everything from small private rooms that can be used for quick conversations all the way to dynamic, multipurpose café-style areas where people can eat, chat, team or unwind. We also have a range of informal seating areas and open desks to encourage people to interact and connect.

We believe that giving our people more choice in where, when and how work gets done allows them to better deliver exceptional client service – whether it’s individually or as part of a team – and better supports their wellbeing.

By 2020, more than 80% of our people will be Gen Y and Gen Z. Based on our EY study on work-life challenges across generations, we know that these future employees will have high expectations related to collaboration, virtual teaming, flexibility and opportunities to learn and grow.

EY@Work offices address these needs by bringing together physical office changes, improved technology and flexible working styles, which collectively better support the ways our people are working.

Workplace satisfaction scores in our EY@Work offices have increased 10 points to 78%, with 83% of our people agreeing that team work has improved. Additionally, EY@Work has allowed us to accommodate 12% headcount growth while reducing our footprint by 11%.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we’ve developed and implemented EY@Work, please contact Trex Morris.