Lizzie Elston

Everything happens for a reason

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Lizzie Elston has spent time growing her career in numerous departments at EY, most recently in EY's Global Mobility practice in the UK. In this piece she explains what it was like to return to EY after nine years at PwC.

QWhy did you leave EY?

I had an opportunity to join a growing team at PwC, focused on building relationships in the market, uncovering opportunities and winning new work. This is my passion, and it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.

QHow did your experience at EY help you?

My two years in the Sales and Marketing department at EY provided an excellent foundation to my role at PwC. I learned the fundamentals of client relationship management and the importance of understanding – and responding to – client needs.

I’ll also never regret the two years I spent doing expat tax during the graduate program and gaining the ATT qualification - I think this helped give me credibility when meeting with clients.

QWhat made you decide to return to EY?

I’d spent almost nine years in fantastic roles at PwC, two years in London and seven years in Australia, progressing from manager to director. For family reasons, my partner and I decided to move back to the UK in the middle of last year.

We’d had a little boy, and wanted him to get to know his grandparents and wider family. I’d really enjoyed my four years with EY and liked the idea of re-joining the team.

QWhat do you enjoy most about your role as Markets Director in Human Capital?

I work in a great team. Most of us are new and excited about the value we can bring.
I enjoy the autonomy of having a program to run and, of course, I love the freedom to be out building relationships with prospective clients. Critically, I have taken the role on a three-day-week basis, which means I can balance a rewarding career with looking after my little boy.

QWhat has changed at EY?

I don’t remember EY having a clear strategy when I was last here, but we’ve now rolled out Vision 2020, which focuses on our strategy over the next six years. EY has big growth ambitions, and it’s exciting to be part of that.

QHow are you helping to build a better working world?

I hope that I can be a role model for others who want to work on a part-time basis. Flexible working is such a critical issue, and one that all organizations must address if they are to attract and retain talent. I’m glad I’m playing my part in it.

Update since publication: Lizzie has recently accepted an opportunity to work on an internal project to redesign and transform EY's Global Mobility practice in the UK.