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Aaliya Dudhia
Operational Transaction Services

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Aaliya Dudhia, Senior Consultant, Operational Transaction Services, Dubai


EY - Betti Packman

What do you enjoy about working at EY? I love our diversity, network and collaboration. I’m based in Dubai with colleagues from all over the world and have had the chance to work on major cross-border projects with teams in Africa, Asia, Europe and India.

How are you able to get the most out of your career? I like to be challenged and our work is a constant learning experience. We work hard, but with communication and flexibility my team makes sure that I’m able to take time out for work-life balance.

How have you been able to fulfill your career goals at EY? I joined EY in M&A but became interested in Operational Transaction Services. EY gave me the opportunity to find the work that suited me best and supported me in making that transition. I’ve had great counselors and mentors. These formal and informal relationships and EY’s culture of coaching have challenged my thinking and helped me grow both professionally and personally.

What has been a career highlight for you? EY really invests in people by celebrating promotions and bringing people together at a milestone event. When I was promoted, I found it inspiring and energizing to join hundreds of other new promotes from across Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa. It was exciting being with such a diverse group of people, all going through the same experience of moving from one level of our career to the next.