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Engage with EY’s premier events on the go

Access our thought leadership anywhere with EY Insights, our mobile app

Engage with our premier events, such as the Strategic Growth Forum and EY World Entrepreneur Of The Yearâ„¢, with the EY Events mobile app, which provides access to information, tools and content you need on-site. Even more, it helps you network with other attendees, by offering an attendee directory and private messaging abilities.

With the EY Events app, you will find:

  • Event logistics
  • Announcements
  • Speaker information
  • Agendas with detailed session information
  • Related social media feeds
  • Attendee directories
  • Live polls
  • Private messaging

Download our app via the iTunes App Store or Google Play.


EY Events 2015

EY Event appLaunch this mobile app to engage with premier EY events, including live information and private messaging with attendees.

Download our app via the iTunes store or Google Play.

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