Future of automotive retail

Shifting from transactional to customer-centric

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Managing trust and complexity throughout the customer life cycle

We believe automakers and dealers must focus on transforming the overall customer experience and ultimately develop into a trusted organization. An integrated customer experience strategy is key to building loyalty, retention, and consequently higher profit margins in sales and aftersales.

In order to transform a customer from a buyer to a brand advocate, trusted relationships need to be built by injecting trust-building attributes into every customer interaction.

Rethinking value propositions to meet changing mobility preferences

For automakers and dealers to continue to be relevant, it will be critical to create value propositions that help customers tailor their mobility packages. This could involve offering choices ranging from buying vehicles to designing a package involving access to multiple vehicles and modes of transport.

Thus, the focus shifts from the experience of driving the vehicle, to experiencing the brand. In addition, with regulations pushing for greater competition from the independent repair market, an integrated aftersales value proposition may be the only way to create repeat customers.

Five pillars of the paradigm shift

EY - Five pillars of the paradigm shift


EY - Future of automotive retail

Future of automotive retail