Urban mobility redefined

Sharing is the new buying

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Urbanization drains natural resources, while digitization disrupts distribution channels

Rapid urbanization, megacity population explosion, pollution and congestion are exerting tremendous pressure on natural resources. At the same time, digitization, mobile connectivity and social media are making content access without ownership more attractive for consumers.

Digitization has also reduced barriers to entry into markets that were previously dominated by companies owning significant assets and distribution channels.

Collaborative economy at the center stage of consumption

Nontraditional players are not only disrupting most industries by enabling simplified access to resources but are also spurring entrepreneurship at a micro level. For instance, property owners are short-term leasing and vehicle owners are offering peer-to-peer mobility services.

Consumers particularly benefit as these companies offer economical choices, greater flexibility and multiple payment options.

EY - Rise of the collaborative economy

Sharing is the new buying

Discover how evolving demographics, urbanization, digitization and collaborative consumption are likely to disrupt the mobility ecosystem.