Cash on the table 2015

Five initiatives for driving working capital excellence

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Businesses must become even more responsive and resilient, while delivering continuous process improvements and cost reductions. To achieve these goals, they will need to make changes, including:

  1. Ensuring that WC remains a strategic focus throughout the year, with the whole business engaged and incentivized to drive improvement
  2. Ensuring that the organization is sufficiently responsive to change, with lean and agile manufacturing and supply chain solutions deployed for different products or market segments, as well as enhancing responsiveness through cross-functional cooperation and effective collaboration with key retailers
  3. Ensuring that supply chains are resilient, through robust risk management policies, alternative sourcing, and enhanced visibility across the end-to-end supply chain
  4. Ensuring that strong discipline in terms and transactions, internal controls over cash and WC, and appropriate performance measures are in place
  5. Ensuring that the complex and evolving trade-offs between cash, costs, delivery levels and the risks that each company must take are clearly understood and properly managed