Digital agriculture: Influences, trends and opportunities among ag retailers

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As the farming industry faces the challenge of feeding a growing global population in ways that are both economically and environmentally sustainable, innovations in analytics and technology platforms are playing an increasingly important role in aiding crop management decisions. As digital agriculture matures, agricultural retailers (ag retail) will continue their important role of servicing producers through interrelated farm technologies and crop input products.

Digital agriculture seeks to disrupt the competitive landscape through platforms that provide more responsive supply chains, dynamic product pricing, new credit management services and environmental compliance. Sustaining a competitive advantage will require ag retailers to collaborate with input manufacturers and their new methodologies, while delivering agronomic, technological and regulatory expertise that satisfy a changing farm demographic (i.e., larger farms, different stakeholders and additional innovations.)

As other agribusiness industries, such as farm credit financing and crop insurance, update their digital capabilities, ag retailers may become a sales conduit to help growers take advantage of beneficial offerings. Digital agriculture provides the opportunity for ag retailers to operate more efficiently, strengthen the grower relationship with better customer experiences and protect their valuable place within the food value chain.

EY - Digital agriculture: helping to feed a growing world

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