EY Commercial Analytics Services Hub

Unlocking the power of commercial analytics in consumer products and retail

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In today’s consumer products and retail industry, growth is challenging, consumers are changing and costs are hard to control. Less than one in five (18%) CP executives are confident their company can innovate in response to consumer wants and needs, but the majority are not.

In-depth commercial analytics can help companies transform their appeal to buyers in ways that drive growth. But companies too often use analytics in ways that fail to unlock their full power: only 11% of consumer products and retail executives believe they can drive actionable insights from all sources of data.

Across the sector, companies are shackled to clumsy tools and reliant on electronic-point-of-sale data. They see analytics as a cost with no clear connection to value. Such companies spend too much time and investment on rearview insights. They limit the use of analytics to teams that support planning, instead of using them to drive continuous execution.

It’s time to change. The EY-Microsoft Alliance has developed a new analytics platform to help consumer products and retail  companies deploy commercial analytics in ways that transform business performance.

Powerful analytics at scale

The EY Commercial Analytics Services Hub (CASH), powered by Microsoft cloud technologies, will enable your business to produce analytics at scale while giving your people the tools they need to understand and use analytics in ways that result in better decisions and faster achievement of your goals.

With the EY CASH platform, you can:

  • Activate a cloud-based approach that propels and aligns every part of your business. We’ll help you use the cloud and other digital technologies to enable greater employee collaboration, deliver tangible outcomes faster and create programs that drive business performance.
  • Confidently grow your business around sound digital capabilities and a trusted, compliant cloud platform. We’ll help you to predict, monitor and manage risks while also advancing business growth and transformation on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
  • Stay agile and adaptable for long-term success with scalable programs and cloud technologies. Our deep, industry-based strategic consulting services and flexible digital technologies will help drive repeatable enterprise programs that can scale with your goals and sustain your business for years to come.

Better decisions across your business

The EY CASH platform equips your people with a range of apps and tools that put the power of analytics at their fingertips. We’ve used our experience with analytics-driven transformation and our deep knowledge of the consumer products and retail sectors to create an integrated global platform that is aligned to all your core business issues.

Capabilities available today include:

  • Revenue growth management

    Diagnose and simulate prices, optimize trade promotions and analyze past promotion events

    • Test pricing scenarios to accelerate net profit, volume and market share
    • Improve trade promotion effectiveness across strategic portfolios
    • Identify optimal pricing and positioning in the market
    • Validate pricing and promotion efficiency and effectiveness
    • Optimize duration, frequency and time between promotions
  • Marketing productivity

    Use Software as a Service (SaaS) to optimize media and marketing ROI and social media tracking

    • Find optimal spend level, portfolio allocation and media mix
    • Determine marketing’s impact on sales, parsing out seasonal fluctuations
    • Improve media mix modeling and cross-media measurement
    • Monitor campaigns and respective outcomes
    • Measure social media ROI to business goals
  • Retail execution and joint business planning

    Optimize assortment in real-time, deploy advance shopper segmentation and shopper digital reporting

    • Use forecasting models based on machine learning
    • Plan assortment and manage categories
    • Track loyalty program metrics
    • Generate higher conversions through enhanced consumer experience
    • Build share of wallet and cross-sell better

To find out more about how the EY Commercial Analytics Services Hub will enable you to drive the adoption of value-creating analytics across your business, please contact Rob Holston, EY Global Commercial Analytics Leader.