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What choices will enable the energy footprint of the future?

The transformation of the global energy ecosystem is gathering momentum. Disruptive technologies are unlocking reserves and providing platforms to bring myriad sources of energy to scale. Integration of new technologies is fundamentally changing the value chain. New choices can provide increased stability or spur competition and volatility. Read our latest energy insights:

Energy Reimagined, EY’s Energy Summit

On 12 September, executives from the oil and gas, and power and utilities industries collaborated in London for an exclusive executive forum to examine which choices will enable the future energy footprint and to help bring fresh insights and leading practices to build a better working world.

Roughly 80 leaders attended the inaugural Energy Reimagined Summit, a one-day event convened and shaped by EY and designed to foster collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking via interactive workshops and provocative discussions. The Energy Reimagined Summit represents EY’s continued commitment to building a better working world and is an important first step toward seizing opportunities inherent in the new energy era.

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How will you shape your future in energy?

New technologies are changing the value chain, providing increased stability or spurring competition and volatility.

Oil & Gas insights

The oil and gas industry is currently undergoing a period of intense volatility. As an industry looking to grow during constant instability, oil and gas faces major geopolitical, technological and regulatory challenges. Addressing these issues with our clients creates significant opportunities for their transformation and growth globally.

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Power & Utilities insights



The power and utilities industry is undergoing a period of significant disruption. Distributed renewable generation, new digital technologies and changing consumer expectations are turning the traditional industry model upside down. EY is working with utility clients around the world to help create new value for their businesses – strategies that encompass new processes, products and business models – innovating above and beyond technology implementation.

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Mining & Metals insights

The sector is returning to growth but mining and metals (M&M) companies face a transformed competitive and operating landscape. The need to improve shareholder returns will drive bold strategies to accelerate productivity, improve margins and better allocate capital to achieve long-term growth. Digital innovation will be a key enabler but the industry must overcome a poor track record of technology implementations. If M&M companies are to survive and thrive in a new energy world, they must embrace digital to optimize productivity from market to mine.

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