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EU financial transaction tax knowledge center

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On 14 February 2013 the EU Commission published its proposed Directive for a broad-coverage, extra-territorial financial transaction tax (FTT). On 6 May 2014, finance ministers from participating Member States reaffirmed their aim to create a harmonized taxation regime for financial transactions.

Some see the FTT as an efficient, low-impact revenue tool; others expect it will be a major drag on economic growth.

Regardless of the outcome of that debate, the FTT is forcing financial organizations to take action now to deal with its fiscal and operational impacts.

Our integrated team of tax and advisory specialists helps you stay on top of FTT developments and deal with its ramifications.

Get started

To get started, explore these resources here in our EU FTT knowledge center:

  • EU FTT in brief
    Learn about two key aspects of the EU FTT: what's in scope and who pays.
  • Expected impacts
    The EU FTT will have enormous consequences for both financial and non-financial sectors. Explore the macro- and micro-level impacts.
  • Timeline
    The EU FTT timetable has shifted significantly since it was first proposed several years ago. What are the current expectations?
  • How we can help
    Learn more about how we can support you at each stage of your preparations for the EU FTT.
  • Thought leadership and news library
    Browse a collection of EY thought leadership on the EU FTT, and see related news and alerts from the European Commission.