Uncertainty is no excuse for inaction

Global Banking Outlook 2017

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Even in a time of uncertainty, banks must take decisive steps to improve their financial performance, while also focusing on their control and protection agenda.

Our 2017 global banking outlook survey of senior executives at almost 300 banks across the globe, indicates that risk and regulation will continue to dominate management’s agenda over the next 12 months.

Despite this, leading banks are looking beyond compliance to optimize their businesses and improve financial performance. Our Global Banking Outlook 2017, Uncertainty is no excuse for inaction, looks at banks’ reported strategic priorities and proposes actions banks should take to help them both “keep safe” and “make things better.”

Five areas of focus for banks


EY - Global Banking Outlook 2017

Only 11% of respondents expect their banks’ financial performance to improve significantly in the next 12 months, according to our 2017 global banking outlook survey.


Strategic priorities for banks

Management's agenda remains dominated by risk and regulation. Their top four priorities are:

  1. Managing reputational risk, including conduct and culture risks
  2. Meeting regulatory compliance and reporting standards
  3. Enhancing cyber/data security
  4. Meeting capital, liquidity and leverage ratio requirements
EY - Global Banking Outlook 2017

In a year of uncertainty, and with little capital to invest, banks face three essential questions:

How can you improve financial performance?

How will your bank innovate?

How can you collaborate for competitive advantage?


EY - Global Banking Outlook 2017 

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