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The future of payments

Global trends, changing business models and innovation are creating a new world for payments. New entrants, able to facilitate their own payment processes, are both a threat and an opportunity to many existing financial services players in the ecosystem.

Our global payments leaders welcome a global dialogue on these issues as we aim to help our clients develop practical payment strategies that work.

Articles from our recent #payments newsletter:
How are collaboration and convergence transforming the payments industry?

How is big data driving the convergence of payments and lending?

Digital technology and customer expectations are seeing payments and lending companies converge in both the retail consumer and small business markets. Read the full article.

Will slow payment systems put the brakes on economic growth?

Economies with outdated payments systems must accelerate the innovation of payments — or lose out to global giants. Read the full article.

Is it time to bring cryptocurrencies into the light?

Cryptocurrencies hold huge potential to transform our working world, but consistent global controls must be put in place first. Read the full article.

How can payment providers become truly omnichannel?

A guide for payment providers as they journey to become omni-channel and meet merchant expectations. Read the full article.

M&A roundup

Deals fell in Q1 2018, but regulatory changes should see activity increase through 2018. Read the full article.

VC roundup

Growing interest in end-to-end payment platforms and niche providers drove strong VC activity in Q1 2018. Read the full article.

Articles from our previous #payments newsletter

Modernizing the payments industry: a review into the global initiatives and trends that are shaping the future of payments

The global payments landscape is undergoing a radical transformation. Technology, regulation and changing consumer demands are driving reform across the industry. The traditional role of payments service providers (PSPs) is becoming outdated. By 2020, the competitive environment will have been redefined; new services, providers and systems will create a very different industry to the one we know today. Read the full article.

How to achieve readiness for GDPR compliance: Advice for non-EU financial services firms on how to comply with the EU’s stringent privacy and data protection regulations

Starting 25 May 2018, any organization with ties to European Union (EU) residents will have to comply with the requirements of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR represents the most comprehensive privacy framework in the marketplace today. By ensuring rapid compliance with the GDPR, financial institutions (FIs) can ensure they continue to serve not only EU residents, but also residents of other countries that will eventually follow the EU’s approach to privacy and data protection. This article aims to assist FIs with a few immediate next steps and dispels common misconceptions about GDPR’s impending requirements. Read the full article.

Open APIs in banking: Asia-Pacific perspectives

As global standards for an open API framework emerge, how will the Asia-Pacific regional financial ecosystem develop its own open architecture propositions? The opportunities for traditional (and non-traditional) financial service providers to benefit from an open API framework are immense. One thing is certain: open APIs will drive the future of banking. Read the full article.

Payments as a driver for market sector convergence

Payments will play a key role in the convergence of previously divergent market sectors. This trend--along with digitization, new business models and the rapid advancement of new technology—will provide new opportunities for banks and payment service providers. Successful payment providers will be in the driver’s seat and those that hesitate will be left behind. Read the full article.

VC market round-up

Q3 2017 was characterized by an increasing number of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and a strong focus on alternative payment systems and security solutions. Read the full article.

M&A market round-up

Deal volume in the payment industry reached a new peak in the second quarter of 2017, exceeding US$25.9 billion. Read the full article.


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