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We provide a range of services across the social security, pension and retirement spectrum:

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  • Strategic direction

    Many employers and governments made social security, pension and retirement promises but may have underestimated the long-term financial implications and volatility of key assumptions. Demographic transformation, the global financial crisis, continuous stakeholder hesitation for necessary adjustments and the common shift towards customer control demand disruption to current thinking. Policy, strategy and delivery must be reinvented to future-proof financial wellbeing outcomes and restore confidence. Both elements are crucial for long term economic prosperity.

    We help government and corporate clients improve the strategic direction of their funds, organizations or systems to respond to internal, market and regulatory changes.

    We help financial services and other clients with their strategic direction to assist in delivering the financial well-being outcomes in a mutually beneficial manner.
  • Governance and informed decisions

    In a world of significant public scrutiny, protecting the value chain at all levels is essential to drive the right behavior, enable stakeholder confidence and discharge fiduciary duty. The rapid growth of assets and liabilities, automation and digitalization will further reveal the need to evolve regulatory and supervisory frameworks and solutions in many countries.

    We help stakeholders and management with internal and external audits and governance programs. We also assist with effective and efficient governance, transparency, reporting, analytics and decision-making.

  • Investment excellence

    In a low-return environment, improving investment returns and developing fit-for-purpose investment governance and solutions are crucial to the success of a plan. Clients want to optimize their investment operating model and processes while seeking economies of scale and maintaining strong investment governance.

    We help clients evolve their investment function, processes and governance. This can include investment risk management, operating model change, investment re-platforming and direct investment transactions.

  • Operational excellence

    The industry has emerged from the financial crisis to face a changing and complex regulatory and tax environment, as well as a rapidly evolving client base. Many organizations have been forced to consider redesigning their business operating models as part of a renewed strategic focus on aggressive cost control and operational efficiency.

    We help clients effectively and efficiently structure and manage the customer and back-office function, including cost reduction, performance improvement, operating model and business processes.

  • Finance, risk, actuarial and compliance

    The industry is keenly focused on managing regulatory change, risk, compliance and volatility. Protecting the value chain at all levels is essential to driving the right behavior and enabling stakeholder confidence. The rapid growth of assets, automation and digitalization is revealing a variety of regulatory and supervisory weaknesses in many countries.

    We help clients deliver leading finance, risk and tax functions by providing risk management and compliance services, including risk assessments, fraud management, cybersecurity and finance function improvements.

  • Digital, IT, data and business transformation

    Digital innovation is the ultimate disruptor. New technologies and tools are upending established processes and transforming the customer experience. To further complicate matters, organizations must capture, retain and retrieve data more thoroughly and more efficiently than ever.

    We assist clients with digital, business and IT transformation programs, as well as enterprise intelligence services, including analytics and data excellence.

  • Customer and growth

    Many customers now see social security, pension and retirement solutions as important tools to achieve their overarching goal of lifetime financial well-being. This is driving a shift toward greater customer centricity as previously divergent stakeholders come together (such as pension providers, health insurers and elderly care insurers). Additionally, rapid asset growth and new pension and retirement solutions are attracting financial services providers to expand their footprint domestically or globally.

    We help clients manage, retain and advise their customers, employers and members; focus on customer experience and customer segmentation; and expand and build new pension and retirement businesses or approaches.