Managed Services

It's difficult to focus on the future when you're running to stand still.

Greater scrutiny and sweeping regulatory changes are forcing businesses to focus their attention on compliance and legacy issues rather than exploring new and exciting opportunities for investment and growth.

At the same time, the requirement to cut costs can be overwhelming. So we've developed Managed Services to take some of that pressure away, allowing our clients to concentrate on driving their business forward rather than spending their time looking backwards. By teaming our clients' existing systems with cutting-edge technology, knowledge and expertise, Managed Services offers a credible way of handling many mandatory business processes efficiently and at a lower cost. While sophisticated management information tools mean you can stay in control, meeting your regulatory legal requirements.

Trying to get ahead while dealing with increased regulation can be exhausting, so Managed Services provides the fast track while saving money and improving quality.

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At EY we understand the importance and complexities of financial services. It's how we connect the right people and knowledge, creating teams that can keep clients ahead of market changes, through our insights, analysis and innovations.

Third-party management for financial institutions

The world of financial services continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Technology, regulation and customer demands are constantly shifting. All this change creates opportunities. Opportunities to streamline, improve service and lower cost.

But how do you make that happen without investing heavily and introducing risk? How do you effectively monitor and manage third party relationships? How do you ensure you outsource the right part of your service offering and ensure due diligence and compliance?

Easing the burden of data privacy compliance

Companies should not underestimate the complexity of achieving and maintaining compliance with data privacy regulation, including GDPR.

For organizations facing these complex challenges, using EY GDPR managed services will make life a whole lot easier.


As cyber threats rapidly evolve and spread, it becomes increasingly urgent for financial services organisations to be able to demonstrate a credible security capability for customers, regulators and investors.

Independent suitability reviews

In our rapidly evolving world of financial services, the suitability of customer investments and advice given on these continues to be an area where firms may still not be getting it right.

Global tax reporting solutions

In a changing regulatory environment, financial institutions have to adapt quickly to comply with tax reporting standards.

KYC Compliance

Regulation in the financial services industry is under increased focus, with a series of high profile cases putting the spotlight firmly on business with poor compliance processes.

FS Reporting Solutions

Financial institutions are facing greater scrutiny from regulators and tax authorities more than ever before, resulting in increased compliance costs through managing company reporting. None of this adds significant benefits to the reporting institution.

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