Brexit: a financial services perspective

Latest EY thinking on Brexit developments and the practical steps you can take to keep your business ahead

The British people voted to leave the European Union (EU); a momentous decision that will signal significant change in the UK, Europe and further afield, for businesses, consumers and the wider economy.

For the moment, Brexit technically changes very little, as the UK still remains a member of the EU, bound by its legal and treaty obligations. In reality, much will change in the lead up to submitting Article 50, and the subsequent negotiations next year.

We’ve been working with our clients across the globe to prepare for the UK’s Referendum outcome. Now that the UK is on a journey toward exiting the EU, we are helping the industry navigate this inevitable period of uncertainty, toward new opportunities in the future.

We understand the importance of financial services to the UK economy and its wider role in providing liquidity and capital across Europe and beyond. We also believe that maintaining stability in the financial services industry is important, not only for the UK’s future success but Europe’s too.


EY - The EY FS Brexit Tracker

The EY FS Brexit Tracker

The EY Brexit Tracker monitors the public statements made by 222 of the largest financial services companies with significant operations in the UK across universal banks, investment banks, brokerages, wealth and asset managers, retail banks, private equity houses, insurers and insurance brokers, and Fintechs. The tracker captures public statements made by these Firms on key issues across sub-sectors relating to staffing, domicile, financial impact, policy asks, product changes, remuneration and opportunities. The EY FS Brexit Tracker

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