As cyber threats rapidly evolve and spread, it’s increasingly urgent for financial services organisations to be able to demonstrate a credible security capability for customers, regulators and investors.

Our EMEIA Cybersecurity hubs provide a number of options, including:

Managed Application Security Risk Assessments (MASRA): Helps you to understand how their application security risks translate to business risks in an organisation-wide context. Our option offers a robust yet flexible approach to manage application security risk for large-scale, complex global IT environments.

Internal Controls Testing: Offers an innovative and practical way to address the challenges in balancing consistency, quality, cost and scalability of global or large scale IT compliance functions.

Centre of Excellence (CoE): Builds on the established foundation of our Advanced Security Centre (ASC) network to provide remote Attack & Penetration testing focused on both infrastructure and application.
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EY’s Managed Services has a proven track record in providing exceptional client service. Some key aspects of our proposition are highlighted below:

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