For global insurers, digital transformation and disruptive innovation have gone from being vague futuristic concepts to immediate-term action items on senior leaders’ strategic agendas. New competitive threats, ongoing cost pressures, aging technology, increasing regulatory requirements and generally lacklustre financial performance are among the forces that demand significant change and entirely new business models.

Yes, digital transformation has become and overused buzzword beloved by industry analysts, consultants and pundits in the business press. Yes, it can mean different things to different companies. However, it is true that nearly every insurer on the planet – no matter its size, structure or particular circumstances – should undertake digital transformation immediately. This is true because of ever-rising consumer expectations and the insurance sector’s lagging position in terms of embracing digital.

This paper will identify an actionable definition of digital transformation and explore a range of specific use cases that can produce the breakthrough performance gains and ROI insurers need.

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Digital transformation in insurance

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