A fully integrated approach, from boardroom to back office

As financial services organizations shift business strategies towards new digital channels to maintain a competitive advantage, and consumers become increasingly reliant on multiple device connections, cybersecurity threats are becoming more prolific and more sophisticated than ever before. Cybersecurity is no longer about prevention, but rather about detection and readiness for the inevitable. And everyone, from boardroom to back office, has a role to play.

Our fully integrated and globally connected teams are focused on creating a single, integrated cybersecurity risk vision, bringing together business functions, organizational dependencies, external stakeholders and third-party suppliers. By doing so, we put cybersecurity at the heart of business strategy to ensure our clients proactively manage risk and take full advantage of opportunities in our increasingly digital world.

An all-encompassing approach creates resilience

Our methodology is simple – Sense, Resist and React. This creates a resilience that’s fast becoming the industry standard. Being prepared means pre-emptive training for everyone from security guards to CEOs. If a breach does occur, a fluent and pre-rehearsed cybersecurity incident response process will ensure business is back to normal as quickly as possible. Our all-encompassing approach, with 1,600 cybersecurity professionals around the world that are dedicated to the financial services industry, provides the most incident ready division in our history.

Cybersecurity is a central part of our passion for the financial services industry

We have minds made for financial services – a dedication that leaves no stone unturned to head-off cyber risks, helping to protect growth, trust and reputation. Our financial services cybersecurity team summons every ounce of know-how, technology and contacts to fortify an industry we have proudly served for many decades.

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