As disruption becomes an everyday occurrence, we explore its primary causes and the megatrends that are shaping our future.

We have identified three primary forces behind this current wave of disruption: technology, globalization, and demographic change. By understanding the interaction between these forces, we’ve identified eight global megatrends which are shaping the future. These are large, transformative trends that define the present and shape the future by their impact on businesses, economies, industries, societies and individual lives.

The eight megatrends generate key questions to answer:

Industry redefined. Is every industry now your industry?

The future of smart. What intelligence will we need to create a smart future?

The future of work. When machines become workers, what is the human role?

Behavioural revolution. How will you change buyers into stakeholders?

Empowered customer. How will you change buyers into stakeholders?

Urban world. In a fast-changing world, can cities be built with a long-term perspective?

Health reimagined. With growing health needs, is digital the best medicine?

Resourceful planet. Can innovation make the planet resource rich instead of resource scarce?

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