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In the Netherlands, we take pride in our market-leading position and reputation for offering outstanding service in our local market. We're seamlessly connected to our global network of talented people who work exclusively on financial services. It's how we connect the right people and knowledge, creating teams that can keep clients ahead of market changes, through insights, analysis and innovations.

This has allowed us to set up global centers of expertise for IFRS issues, in-control statements and security issues, amongst other things.

However, specialization alone is not enough to cope with the scale and scope of today's complex and interconnected issues. Working closely with our clients we provide the expert knowledge, training, tools and technology they need to make informed decisions, meet regulatory requirements and grow sustainably.

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Eye on Finance: will FinTech be the future?

FinTech has abruptly changed the order of financial institutions. This Eye on Finance provides an overview of the roles FinTech plays in the financial sector.

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