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When risks ebb and flow, should insurance premiums adjust?

Insurwave, the world's first blockchain-enabled platform for marine insurance, is now live.

Introducing Insurwave

EY, Guardtime and industry participants speak to the new marine insurance blockchain platform.

Risk Managers

Today we’re making specialty insurance work better for risk managers.


The secure distributed database, developed by EY, Guardtime and other insurance industry leaders, is offering simultaneous access to a single version of the truth to all participants in specialty insurance. This first phase of the blockchain platform rollout supports the creation and servicing of insurance contracts.
The new platform enables:
  • Claims to be paid in hours, not years
  • Premiums to be agreed and settled in seconds
  • Shippers track assets and share data with brokers and insurers
  • Brokers to focus more on servicing clients and less on administration
  • Insurers to track their exposures in near real-time
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What's possible with blockchain

Blockchain-enabled platforms can successfully connect all parties in the marine insurance process and advance critical capabilities.
EY - 5 links in the block chain

Imagine a different kind of insurance industry:

EY - Better-working insurance: moving blockchain from concept to reality
  • Real-time visibility into the location, condition and safety of high-value assets moving around the world
  • Accurate, dynamic and fair underwriting and pricing based on that visibility
  • Contract certainty
  • Streamlined regulatory reporting and compliance
  • Accurate and transparent data sharing among all relevant stakeholders
  • Capital freed from poor credit system
  • World-class encryption providing security and bulletproof audit trails

Video library

Blockchain in action: transforming marine insurance

Data and policy capture

Simplifying data collection and automating updates for transparency and certainty

Non-material declarations

Cutting the cost and complexity of contract changes

Blockchain & war-zone shipping

Flexibility to protect ships and cargo through high-risk zones


Enabling automated, real-time claims resolution

EY Global insurance blockchain leaders

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