Finance, Risk and Actuarial Change

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Change is on the agenda for finance, risk and actuarial leaders, thanks to current market trends:

  • Intensifying prudential regulatory regimes
  • Accounting change – IFRS 17, IFRS 9 and FASB and the need for finance transformation
  • The need to strengthen and embed risk management capabilities
  • Rising standards of business conduct/customer interaction and the compliance agenda
  • The commercial pressures arising from a difficult macro-economic environment, combined with enhanced regulatory requirements, are leading to a need to review and optimize business models and also to a wave of industry consolidation.

Our finance, risk and actuarial professionals have deep industry experience and a long track record of success in developing solutions that can offer broad benefits to your business.

  • Deep commercial understanding of the global insurance sector and how to address the business challenges these changes create
  • Deep technical expertise to enable you to reliably meet the new regulatory and accounting requirements
  • Peer benchmarking to establish a clear industry picture – crucial in areas such as risk and governance where standards are subjective
  • Finance, risk and actuarial transformation capabilities to address the underlying IT and data challenges

The bottom line: insurers need to meet the new regulatory and accounting standards and also determine how to best navigate their businesses in a difficult economic environment. That's no easy task, given the depth and complexity of the challenges ahead.