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Global compliance reporting

Getting to data-driven, digital tax functions

It’s a challenging time for insurance tax leaders. The big question: how do insurance tax functions go from today's complex, inefficient and opaque operations to tomorrow's transparent, centralized and digital capabilities?

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EY - Tomorrow
EY - Complexity
EY - Inefficiency
EY - Opacity
  • No consistent policy for sourcing tax compliance work
  • Limited visibility into global and regional filing positions, timeliness, accuracy and risks
  • Shadow tax teams performing compliance in individual countries
  • Too many local contracts – lack of regional and global buying power
  • Limited use of compliance data in tax planning
  • Inefficient and error-prone manual data gathering, reporting and analysis
  • Lack of insights into foreign language returns
EY - Transparent
EY - Centralized
EY - Digital
  • Tax compliance handled by tax experts in local markets
  • In-house finance team focused on high-value analytical and advisory tasks
  • Increased ROI from greater buying power and simplified procurement from rationalized sourcing and centralized services
  • Increased use of real-time and interactive dashboards to track compliance and summarize complex tax information
  • Increased use of compliance data in tax planning

See how Peter, global head of tax for ACME Insurance, works with EY to achieve next-generation tax capabilities

Peter's problem:
satisfy regulators, contribute to the business

Peter's solution:
centralization, automation and rationalization

How we can help

Nobody knows insurance tax reporting like EY’s global team. Insurance tax partners in both mature and developing regions and experienced tax technicians in hundreds of countries around the world help insurers worldwide balance global, enterprise-wide tax functions with the resources our clients need to execute in local markets. Our technology and approach are designed to automate and optimize the full range of tax reporting processes across these areas:
EY - Scale
  • Tax compliance
  • Corporate tax
  • Indirect tax
  • Payroll
  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax accounting (monthly, quarterly)
  • Statutory accounts (annually)
  • Corporate secretarial

Comprehensive vision

Our fully integrated process delivers value in these key areas:
EY - Savings


Consolidated sourcing and simpler procurement for increased purchasing power and reduced fees
EY - Productivity


Integrated data and streamlined processes for increased efficiency and focus of internal resources on high-value tasks (like tax planning)
EY - Visibility


More sophisticated dashboarding, compliance tracking and analytics for increased visibility and reduced risk
EY - Clarity


Increased clarity and confidence in decision-making

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Jeff Soar
Global Insurance Tax Leader
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Ed Raza
Global Insurance Global Compliance Reporting Lead
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Stephen Bruce
APAC Insurance Global Compliance Reporting Lead
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Americas Insurance Global Compliance Reporting Lead
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EMEA Insurance Global Compliance Reporting Lead