EY Citizen Today: policy-makers tackle unemployment

Citizen Today: policy-makers tackle unemployment

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In our latest edition of Citizen Today, we delve deep into an issue that continues to haunt far too many citizens around the world: unemployment.

Of the myriad repercussions of the financial crisis, the huge numbers of people cast aside from the world of work is surely one of the most insidious.

Despite the best efforts of policy-makers, some six years on from the start of the crisis, unemployment rates remain stubbornly high. So what’s to be done?

We hear from a number of government and public sector leaders about potential remedies. We also investigate the issue of youth unemployment and set out how to avoid the specter of a lost generation. As crucial engines of job creation and growth, entrepreneurs fall under our spotlight as we examine how policy-makers can best support their business growth.

We also consider issues facing the US. With fiscal challenges continuing to ricochet from coast to coast, we speak to US policy-makers about the challenges they are facing.

Forging a more positive future is an ambition shared by Croatia’s Minister of Economy, Ivan Vrdoljak. We also look at how Australia is seeking to ensure greater gender equity in its public sector leadership positions.

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