The EY Centre of Excellence for the audit of EU funds

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In order to coordinate the Assurance services provided by the EU Institutions, EY has established the Centre of Excellence for the audit of EU funds. This department, based in EY Belgium, is composed of over 40 professionals who are fully dedicated to the audit of EU funded programmes and actions under various Audit Framework Contracts signed with the EU Institutions.

The team is composed of auditors from various countries specialized in public sector audit. These audit professionals have extensive experience in performing different types of audits in various EU policy areas such as development, research & innovation or structural funds, which allows them to adapt to the specific requirements of each audit. Thus, they collectively ensure we provide a consistent and harmonised approach to the EU Institutions, and centralise our vast experience and knowledge of auditing in an EU context.

A dedicated Framework Contract Management Team forms part of the Centre of Excellence: the contract managers function as they interface between our clients and audit professionals and ensure efficient and tailored service.

The Centre of Excellence works very closely with audit experts from EY offices all over the globe. In building audit teams across borders we bring together profiles with an excellent understanding of EU funds while ensuring that knowledge of local regulations and language when needed. All our experts dedicated to audits of EU funding receive regular audit training which is tailored to the specific contexts and requirements of the audits they carry out.