EY Citizen today: G20 special edition

Citizen Today: G20 special edition

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Welcome back to Citizen Today, EY’s magazine for our government and public sector clients around the world.

Global leaders will shortly be gathering in Brisbane, Australia, for this year’s G20 summit, and there is little doubt that theirs will once more be a packed agenda. Where to start? With jobs and growth continuing to be at a premium, the state of the global economy will again feature prominently. While some countries — such as the US — appear to have turned a corner, other parts of the world are faring less well.

Not only has the Eurozone’s recovery yet to take off, it remains to be seen how the ongoing instability in the Middle East and the outbreak of Ebola in parts of Africa will play out. It will be challenging for G20 leaders to fully deliver on their twin aims of stimulating national growth while building global economic resilience. In this special G20-themed edition of Citizen Today, we consider many of these issues.

In February 2014, G20 finance ministers and central bank governors committed to developing new measures aimed at raising the level of G20 output by at least 2% above the currently projected level in the next five years. This will make a significant difference — a boost of over US$2 trillion to global GDP with the promise of millions of additional jobs. Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey is certainly far from downhearted about the current global picture. He tells us about his plans for sustainable growth and explains why his will always be a sunny disposition.

As one of the leading hosts of this year’s G20, Hockey has benefited from a great deal of assistance, not least from Holly Ransom, who in her role as Chair of the Y20 Planning Group has been a key figure in shaping the agenda of the upcoming summit.

We have a report from EY’s Bill Banks, who focuses on his experiences as a member of the Business 20 (B20), an event that enables common views from the international business community to be put forward to the G20. This year’s B20 placed much emphasis on the need to ramp up infrastructure investment in order to catalyze growth — a policy position that has garnered much support among G20 leaders.

And in our Building a better working world column, we set out details of how EY is working with the Gates Foundation to address the spread of tuberculosis in India. Finally, we report on EY’s latest thought leadership and take a look at the G20 host nation, Australia, and EY’s expanding presence there.

We hope you enjoy this edition, which you can access by downloading our app to your compatible mobile devices. Please do not hesitate to contact me as I’d love to hear your feedback and ideas. I look forward to hearing from you.

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George Atalla
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