EY working with the EU institutions

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Igniting growth, creating jobs

The Commission has made growth and job creation its number one priority. The €315 billion European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) forms a big part of the commission’s strategy for kick-starting the economy. The conviction we share with the Commission is that we cannot obtain economic growth without investing in job creation, and that is why we need to direct public and private investment toward enterprises, especially SMEs.

Our service offering spans the spectrum of areas linked to growth and job creation, including:

  • Financing growth

    We seek innovative financing structures through financing options, financial engineering and blending so that all sources of financing are tapped.

  • Business-enabling environment

    We advise on streamlining processes and regulations to make it quicker and cheaper to do business in a country or region. We formulate recommendations on tax policies and codes conducive to doing business easily. We advise on a framework for production and labor costs to keep cost structures competitive.

  • Trade and investment

    We develop investment and trade promotion strategies. We develop investment propositions for sectors, regions and countries. We run attractiveness surveys around the globe to identify key dimensions of countries’ and regions’ appeal in the eyes of international investors.

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation

    Our belief in entrepreneurship as the engine of growth is evident in our many global initiatives: Entrepreneur Of The Year®, Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ and the Strategic Growth Forum™. We advise on a framework conducive to promoting innovation, and accompany entrepreneurs on their journey into markets by advising on financing, business plans, positioning, expansion strategies and operational structures.

  • Skills for jobs

    Aligning education and skills with the needs of the economy is central to achieving sustainable growth in Europe. We have been active in designing programs to promote job skills, advising on educational reforms and programs to reflect the job-creation agenda, and implementing incentives for employing young people.

  • Digital Single Market

    An integrated digital market is imperative for the European economy to create the best business environment, new job opportunities and growth. We help analyse needs of EU businesses when they are in the process to start or expand in another EU Member State. We assess the impact and costs companies face in filling gaps and compliance to the existing rules and how these costs can be mitigated. EY can help to leverage digital technologies and online services to create additional growth, promote a renewed culture of innovation and develop a new generation of innovative and technology entrepreneurs.