Infrastructure Advisory

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Infrastructure investment and development is a top priority for governments globally. While rapid urbanization is putting pressure on emerging markets to develop critical new infrastructure, developed economies need to expand existing infrastructure due to aging assets and sustained underinvestment.

With global population expected to reach 8 billion by 2025, infrastructure investments are needed to supply sufficient water, roads, housing and power. Among the issues facing governments are:

  • Aging infrastructure
  • Predictions of future national transportation gridlock
  • Soaring energy and water costs

Governments are also facing challenges in meeting their infrastructure obligations. Infrastructure projects are significant in size, scope, complexity, and in financing arrangements. They also bring increased public scrutiny and more demand for stakeholder engagement.

Governments need to find innovative ways of financing these investments. Engagement with the private sector through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and alternative procurement models can be effective.

The importance of PPPs has been highlighted by the recent United Nations plan to develop an international PPP centre. Achieving commonality across markets can facilitate capacity, competition and knowledge building and help relatively immature markets meet their infrastructure needs.

How we can help

Our global Infrastructure Advisory team of more than 500 dedicated professionals has a strong track record in providing advice across the infrastructure life cycle.

We advise both public and private sector organizations that require support in developing and managing large scale infrastructure projects across a range of sectors. We also advise on the long-term operation of assets and the creation of high performing organizations.

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