New horizons: September 2016 edition

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EY - Jacques Mulder

Jacques Mulder
Global Health Sector Leader, EY

Welcome to New horizons! In response to your feedback, we are pleased to introduce a new executive briefing format to make reading and discussing health trends quicker and easier. In this edition, we focus on several issues that have the potential, each in its unique way, to disrupt how health care is reimagined and delivered. I hope you enjoy this new, digital-friendly collection of health sector insights.

Health, more than any other sector, has a human face. We see it when we look in the mirror and at the people in our own lives. At EY, this belief motivates us to examine closely the drivers that are reshaping how the world thinks about — and approaches — health:

  • Spending. Unsustainable levels of spending on health care, alongside the shift to value-based care and population health management, drive the search for the most effective and affordable solutions.
  • Technology. Emerging technologies empower health consumers and shift the locus of control in their direction. This is already disrupting the delivery of care and will lead to a complete reimagining of health and health care.
  • Mindset. Worldwide, attitudes toward health are changing: people are viewing access to care as a right, while governments recognize that the overall wellness of a population is an economic asset that requires well-planned investment.

The topics we discuss in New horizons, including data analytics, cybersecurity, patient centricity and the search for sustainable solutions for chronic diseases, address these challenges and are responses to these drivers. I hope you find the articles thought provoking and useful in thinking about how your organization can meet the challenges over the horizon.

New horizons is part of EY’s contribution to redefining health as a holistic pursuit — an allencompassing, daily and lifelong engagement with wellness, not just of concern when an illness arises. It reflects our passion and relentless focus on the work we do with members across the health ecosystem as we live EY’s purpose to build a better working world by making a healthy working world.

I look forward to joining you in discussions on these and other topics. In the meantime, please visit Health Reimagined for our latest insights.

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