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CASE Overview

EY’s Commercial Analytics Suite (CASE) provides an end-to-end commercial suite of value-driven analytics that drive tangible ROI through advanced, actionable insights.

Watch our video to see the future. In 2 minutes you will see how CASE positions you to drive deeper, forward-thinking commercial insights.

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CASE, driving your next 1% of commercial profitability

The CASE solution

  • Built for pharma

    Serving 10 of the top 20 global biopharma companies and counting

  • Actionable insights

    End-to-end commercial suite of global analytics that drive tangible ROI through advanced, actionable insights

  • Business focused

    Tailored commercial solutions that start with the key business needs across the commercial value chain

  • Digital – mobile – cloud

    Insights that are digitally enabled, cloud-based, and accessible from anywhere through EY’s proprietary Insights as a Service (PIaaS) mobile platform

  • Win on pull through with less access and limited influence
  • Specialize and localize execution tactics to perform within different markets and geographies
  • Capitalize on the shift away from push and sell and towards coordinated marketing
  • Optimize customer-reach through the right channels, at the right time
Market Access
  • Build an effective strategy to maximize ROI and reduce leakage
  • Optimize managed markets operations and payor alignment
CASE enables you to be one with commercial analytics and business insights
For more information on EY's broader analytics capabilities, visit ey.com/analytics.
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