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Digitization, employee engagement, mobility among top M&E HR concerns

Media and Entertainment People Strategy Survey

Our 2017 Media and Entertainment People Strategy Survey takes a deep look at the specific issues that industry human resources professionals find most important, including globalization, digitization, data analytics, employee engagement and mobility. The report comes at a time of rapid change in the M&E industry, with new technologies and the increased use of data transforming the world that M&E companies operate in, while consumer demands and distribution become more fragmented and the way companies monetize their content comes under pressure.

The increase in digitization has also changed what employees are looking for in their digital experience and this seems to be an area of further development for companies.

Survey participants

EY - Employee engagement, mobility among top M&E HR concerns

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"Cloud and other technology advances in the human capital arena have been transforming the HR function for several years already. Now the push toward the digital economy is further accelerating the pace of this transformation and presenting HR with a unique opportunity to provide strategic support to the business, to more effectively identify and secure its talent needs to execute and achieve business goals."

Sayed Sadjady,
Media & Entertainment People Advisory Services Leader, EY

Strategic priorities

HR professionals in M&E are looking to play a more strategic role as the industry changes. Two-thirds named “increased alignment of HR strategy with business strategy” when asked about their priorities for the next 18 months, while 58% named “talent strategy and development” and “organization restructuring.” Meanwhile, pay parity was seen as either a medium or low priority, while only 9% said it was a high priority to bring back services that were previously outsourced.

EY - Employee engagement, mobility among top M&E HR concerns

Most common talent management challenges

Almost three-quarters of respondents cited “ineffective talent mobility and career-path planning” as one of their greatest challenges when it comes to talent management. Lack of “employee engagement/satisfaction” and “ineffective performance management” were named by half the respondents, followed by “lack of diversity at different levels of the organization,” “ineffective succession planning” and “ineffective leadership development.”

HR data analytics capabilities lagging behind

Despite the increasing emphasis on analytics in HR today, a significant number of companies do not leverage data to make decisions. In fact, 36% of respondents indicated they only had basic HR metrics in place, and these data did not factor heavily into business decisions. Notably, none of the respondents had any predictive data capabilities.

Employees' digital experience is not comparable to their personal digital experience

Many M&E companies have digital offerings and many tech companies are publishing content and generating revenue through advertising. However, it seems M&E employees are not experiencing the benefits of that digital advancement. Out of three employee digital experience areas, survey respondents felt that their firm was meeting expectations only in one area — employee administrative processes. It is important to note that the drive for employee engagement should not only go through dedicated collaboration or communication tools, but should permeate the entire employee digital experience philosophy.

EY - On a scale of 1-5, to what extent is the application of digital tools meeting employee digital experience expectations at your company in the areas below?

As rapid change affects media and entertainment companies, how involved is HR as companies transform? More than half (54%) said that HR has a significant role, while 31% said it had a moderate role and 15% said it had a minimal role. At the same time, 58% of respondents said some major change programs meet or exceed expectations, but many fail or do not deliver expected results.

"This suggests an opportunity for HR to get more engaged in driving business change and improving the results realized."

Charlie Goldwasser,
Principal, People Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP

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Questions to consider

As M&E companies look at their HR strategies, there are many key questions they can ask as they look to innovate to grow, protect and optimize their business:

  • As our organization continues to scale, how do we continue to align our people strategy with the business strategy and win the war for talent with non-traditional competitors?
  • As we continue to enhance the external customer experience, how do we maintain engagement with our internal employee experience?
  • How do we harness the power of data to gain insight into the behaviors of not only our external customers, but also our employees?
  • As data confidentiality becomes increasingly important, are we updating, communicating and training our people on protecting our systems and data?
  • As we expand at the global level, do we have a robust mobility program that can help us remain compliant with associated tax requirements?
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