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EY - Women in power and utilities
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Smart metering presents the power and utilities (P&U) industry with complex strategic, operational and technological challenges, as well as major opportunities. Utilities are in a prime position to lead the smart transformation – if they are prepared to adapt almost every aspect of their business.

In this latest issue of Plug in, we draw upon our extensive experience of smart metering to examine the issue from multiple angles. These articles highlight the key impacts now and in future and discuss how companies can best address this fundamental change.

EY - The smart future is now

The smart future is now

Against a 'perfect storm' of game-changing factors, utilities are in prime position to lead the smart transformation

Smart transformation of the P&U sector is happening quicker than the industry anticipated. With new players entering the sector, traditional utilities need to act fast. Embracing transformation will set the leaders apart from the pack. Here's how.

EY - You don't understand me

You don’t understand me

Five key ways to make customers feel more valued … and loyal

It’s no secret that most utilities do not have good customer relationships. But innovation can lead the way to building positive and more profitable relationships. Here’s how.

EY - Making the grid smarter

Making the grid smarter

Is your grid smart enough to handle renewables and distributed energy?

Real-time data is the hero of effective distributed energy management, helping utilities to achieve efficiency, reliability and resiliency. But to get ‘real’, utilities need to optimize their grid.

EY - Smart meter rollout: an Olympic challenge

Smart meter rollout: an Olympic challenge

In-depth planning and preparation are critical to success

Smart metering will impact nearly all of a utility’s operations and processes, and completely change the way it does business – not a challenge for the faint-hearted. We look at the role and process of setting strategy to ensure success.

EY - Where are the hot spots?

Where are the hot spots?

Smart meters are a global phenomenon, but some countries are leading the way

We reveal some of the mega statistics describing the smart state of play and look at the key drivers behind global progress.

EY - What's shaping your roadmap for rollout?

What’s shaping your rollout roadmap?

We look at how different drivers and priorities impact deployment strategies

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to smart meter deployment. Strategy must align the business’s unique drivers to smart and tailor the deployment to emphasize different priorities.

EY - The deployment dilemma

The deployment dilemma

If you thought technology was the main cost of a smart meter rollout, think again.

Getting the right person with the right materials to serve the right customer at the right time makes fieldforce costs the number one cost of deployment. We look at critical mission control imperatives.