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Deal trends

Monthly capital briefing:  Provides private equity trends and data, including fundraising, acquisitions and exits as well as global M&A market, IPO, debt and bond markets

Annual private equity round-up series

  • Africa – The growth trend in Africa remains strong. A diverse range of African countries have now experienced consistent and robust growth for over a decade.
  • China – Reveals China’s shift from export to domestic consumption slowed growth, but raised new opportunities.
  • Latin America – Analyzes fundraising, investment activity and exits across Mexico, Brazil and other countries in the region
  • India – Covers trends and perspectives related to private equity activity in India

Private Equity, Public Exits (quarterly)

Multiple: European PE Watch

Sector investment insights

Capitalizing on opportunities: Private equity investment in oil and gas
43% of private equity investors plan to deploy capital into oil and gas by first half of 2017. What should you know before you invest?

Investing in distribution
The US distribution and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) represent large, growing markets with multiple value-added niches/segments. What are the implications for investors?

In the crosshairs: private equity firms help tech companies reinvent themselves
PE funds must differentiate between companies that have potential to transform and those that do not.

Premium skin care market and private equity
Read about why skin care may be attractive to PE: large market, involved customer base, ongoing product innovation, international reach and recent success.

Private equity: not afraid of low oil
Veteran energy investors share their perspectives on creating value amid commodity price volatility See other sector-specific thought leadership

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Tax perspectives

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Value creation

Value creation studies across the globe – take an in-depth look at how private equity investors create value in their portfolio companies around the world.

Operational approaches: The limited partner perspective
Given the influential role LPs play in the private equity ecosystem, here we ask them what they think about operating resources.

A two speed industry. How do private equity investors create value 
The overall picture is one of a slow but persistent shake-out in the European PE industry with more agile and active PE firms providing attractive activity levels and returns, and therefore winning out, leaving those with old portfolios far behind.

Big data: changing the way businesses compete and operate
Do you have the capability to analyze vast amounts of information? We explore the benefits and risks of using big data to enhance business operations.

Latin American Private Equity Deal Book
Series of case studies to show the ways that PE firms help companies reach their full potential across a wide range of geographies and sectors.

Fund operations

2016 Global Private Equity Fund and Investor Survey
Understand the effects of an evolving regulatory landscape confronting both private equity funds and investors.

The CFO & HR
Strong collaboration between the CFO and HR is linked to superior financial performance.

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