Global REIT markets

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Globally, the real estate and investment trust (REIT) concept is gathering pace. There are now 37 REIT markets with a total market cap of approximately US$1.7t.

In all jurisdictions, REITs are creatures of the tax code, with aspects unique to each country. Many commonalities do exist; however, many of the younger jurisdictions are still in their early stages of organization, which means further developments are necessary to make use of the legislation.

As part of this evolution, we have seen significant interest from delegates associated with new regimes looking to expand their knowledge of the REIT concept by better understanding both market developments and various financing and structuring alternatives utilized by more mature REIT markets, in effect, offering a shortcut to a fully functional market.

Our REIT jurisdiction maturity assessment is an attempt to group REIT markets around their evolution and identify themes common to many. Australia and the UK, among others, are edging closer to being considered mature markets, as shown in the chart below.

Stages of REIT regime maturity

EY Stages of REIT regime maturity

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