Navigating the four themes of technology disruption

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Even in an industry accustomed to waves of change, technology executives are now navigating an unprecedented period of disruption and innovation. The era of cloud computing and smart mobility is bringing about change faster, more continuously and from more directions than ever.

The cloud has emerged as a transformational force requiring strategic forethought, customer engagement and agile response — not only for success, but for survival. This transformational force is global and highly complex, encompassing new business models, new entrants and new markets — and always with the looming prospect of next-wave technology disruptors.

Clearly, today’s multiple waves of disruption (and their magnitude) are defining a historic industry transformation. To assist technology executives in changing times, we organized the technology industry’s changing dimensions of speed, volume and direction into a transformation framework of four primary themes. Each suggests courses of action that technology executives can consider in continuously evolving their own strategies. The four transformational themes are:

  • Stack to solution
  • In the crosshairs
  • Hidden gems
  • Multifaceted security

Four themes for enterprise transformation

EY - Illustration showing Four themes for traditional enterprise environment transformation

“The force and velocity of disruption today are unlike anything seen before. It’s a perfect scenario for companies to erupt in value or be destroyed and disappear.”

EY - Jeff LiuJeff Liu
Global Technology Industry
Transaction Advisory Services Leader
Ernst & Young LLP