Industrial mash-ups: A disruptive new partnering form will accelerate innovation — again

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A powerful new way for businesses to collaboratively innovate is beginning to emerge.

Conceptually, it borrows from the open source movement and internet “mash-ups” that are able to rapidly create new business value by incorporating specialized services via application programming interfaces (APIs). Applied to incumbent technology and tech-enabled companies, it will soon start a next wave of accelerated innovation — along with many unlikely partnerships.

We coined the term “industrial mash-ups” to describe this new form of dynamic and increasingly automated partnering. Industrial mash-ups will enable important benefits throughout the digital economy.

They will:

  • Stand in for mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures (JVs) and other alliances (in certain instances)
  • Accelerate innovations to market by enabling more collaboration with less dealmaking "friction"
  • Enable organizations to migrate more rapidly to comprehensive, end-to-end solutions (a trend we call "stack to solution").

“At first glance, some may view these emerging new types of deals merely as alliances or JVs — but that is too narrow a view,” says Jeff Liu, Global Technology Industry Leader, Transaction Advisory Services, EY. “Over time, we expect these relationships to become increasingly automated. That drives business friction down, which will, in turn, drive innovation up. We think of it as an emerging ‘industrial sharing’ economy,” Liu notes.

Industrial mash-ups: a disruptive new partnering form will accelerate innovation — again is part of EY’s top-of-mind series of executive briefs providing deep-dive analyses of various disruptive technology transformation themes. 

To learn more, download the pdf: Industrial mash-ups: A disruptive new partnering form will accelerate innovation — again.


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