EY - Inside Telecommunications - Issue 16

Inside Telecommunications - Issue 16

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EY - Prashant Singhal

The global information security market is worth more than US$70 billion. Mergers and acquisitions remain a key theme in the telecom sector, with 577 deals announced in 2014. In this issue, we explore operator strategies to meet fast-changing enterprise needs in telecommunications.

Prashant Singhal
Global Telecommunications Leader


2014 was an important year for telecommunications –

  • Number of commercial 4G networks worldwide crossed the 300 mark
  • Global smartphone shipments grew 28% year-on-year  
  • Copper-only networks’ share of global broadband subscriptions fell below 50%1

The rise of social-messaging apps has already had a marked effect on the SMS market. At present, there are eight mobile instant messaging brands with more than 100m monthly active users.2

The Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona saw operators, vendors and policy-makers detail the importance of 5G to the industry’s future health. Long-term network upgrade programs remain very much in focus for all stakeholders.

In this edition of Inside Telecommunications we take stock of current operator initiatives in e-commerce, highlighting how operators are seeking new routes to compete and collaborate with other value chain entities as they overhaul their business models to accommodate an increasingly diverse range of customers.


EY - Adrian Baschnonga

Adrian Baschnonga
Lead Analyst
Global Telecommunications Center


1 “Gartner Says Smartphone Sales Surpassed One Billion Units in 2014,“ Gartner, 3 March 2015; “Global broadband subscriber numbers – Q1 2014,“ Point Topic, 2014.
2 wearesocial.com