Embracing the gigabit era

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EY - Prashant Singhal


Prashant K. Singhal
EY Global Telecommuniocations Leader


Operators continue to expand their service propositions across a number of domains. Smart home services are by no means new, but both technology and telecommunications companies are renewing their focus on the digital home, deploying a variety of business models to capture upside in a market forecast to be worth US$100 billion by 2020.

Service providers are refining propositions where they already have a substantial foothold. Mobile financial services are well-established, with operators, retail banks and start-ups all innovating at pace. This more diverse landscape is prompting operators to overhaul their approach, either by partnering with other ecosystem players or by adopting a more holistic approach to service creation that places payments within a larger cluster of use cases.

Mergers and acquisitions remain buoyant, with 273 deals announced in the first half of 2016, in line with the preceding six months. The rationale for in-market convergence remains strong, and we are now witnessing a number of mergers between pay-TV and mobile operators. Adjacent market acquisitions are also popular, particularly for larger players with ambitions in video streaming and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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EY - Adrian Baschnonga

Adrian Baschnonga
Lead Analyst
Global Telecommunications Center