Women3. The Power of Three

Accelerating the collective power of women in business, government and entrepreneurship

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Women3. The Power of Three is a forum for senior women and men leaders representing the boardrooms, highest levels of government and prominent entrepreneurs across markets in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.

The forum is a unique grouping of these important economic, political and social influencers, and will bring a wider perspective to regional and global agendas. Together with key stakeholders, the forum works to address the economic, geopolitical and social challenges that influence the management and success of global business and government, today and in the future.

Why did we create Women3. The Power of Three?
According to the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2015, it will take until 2186 for women to achieve gender parity. We say this is far too long.

Women3. The Power of Three is part of our Women. Fast forward platform, through which we seek to use our collective knowledge and convening power to help achieve global gender parity sooner.

The varied perspectives of the participants of Women³. The Power of Three, along with the forward-thinking recommendations developed, will accelerate our journey towards gender parity in the global workplace. With EY’s global reach, we will advance these recommendations onto the world stage, and work with governments and business to influence and accelerate change.

“Business is demanding a new type of leadership. Empathy must be at the heart of it, and women have the skills and tools to make it happen.”
- Belinda Parmar OBE, CEO, Lady Geek

How does Women3. The Power of Three work?
2015 opened with our inaugural event, held in Brussels in April, which brought together nearly 40 leaders representing the Women3. The Power of Three across 13 countries across EMEIA.

The forum held a series of roundtables across EMEIA, before convening at a summit in Istanbul in November 2015. Together, we created a set of recommended actions on how corporate, entrepreneurial and government organizations could better leverage the skills of women throughout their entire career to close the global skills gap and support economic growth. In January 2016, we published at the World Economic forum these recommended actions in a white paper entitled, Who holds the key to closing the skills gap?.

In 2016, we worked with forum participants, as well as other key stakeholders, to action the recommendations through a series of regional roundtables. We also collaborated on a year of consultations, debate and research in key G20 countries in association with independent policy institute, Chatham House, to help support the formation and efforts of the Women 20 (W20), the new G20 engagement group focused on gender equality and economic inclusiveness.

That activity culminated in an International Policy forum in London in July 2016. The forum had the theme “Empowering Women for Economic Growth: the Smart Choice for the G20” which  resulted in an action plan published by Chatham House that provides policy framework for gender-inclusive growth. The recommended actions proposed by our Women³.The Power of Three forum align and reinforce three of the main policy recommendations in the Chatham House action plan.

In January 2017, at the World Economic forum, we launched a report Who holds the key to closing the gender parity gap? We all do. The report is a comprehensive overview of the work that the Women³. The Power of Three forum has done in 2016.

We look forward to advancing during 2017 the key action we have identified so far, to accelerate gender parity in the workplace, both globally and locally.

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