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Digital, technology and analytics

The EY 7 Drivers of Growth

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For business leaders, information is power. It can help them make better, quicker and smarter decisions that improve business performance and manage risk.

Digital technologies – including social media, the cloud, data analytics and mobile – are having a profound impact on businesses across all industries, from retailers and banks through to carmakers and energy companies.

They are fundamentally changing the ways consumers interact with these companies, while also opening up new business models. The digital enterprise presents the opportunity for CIOs to have a bigger and more influential role in the business.

If organizations harness the power of information technology, they can create a strategic and competitive advantage. Yet, while many C-suite executives and IT leaders recognize this potential value, many still find it hard to successfully leverage information technology to deliver business change.

Digital access to customers and its challenges

EY - Digital access to customers and its challenges


Benny Landa, CEO of Landa Group, explains how the biggest challenge in technology is being first to market.

Understanding advancing technologies is not enough

EY - Understanding advancing technologies is not enough


Balázs Vinnai, CEO and Founder of IND Group, discusses how the pace of innovation is changing the world and how the banking industry must respond.