Accelerating growth

Funding and finance

The EY 7 Drivers of Growth

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All businesses need funds to grow. How a business manages its money – and its new investors – will determine its course for the future.

Leading companies determine the best financial solution – or mix of solutions – for their business and derive maximum benefits from their management of available funds.

To achieve this, CFOs and the finance function have to act more strategically and more commercially, improving performance by delivering insights to decision-makers. This role has typically been described as business partnering, with the CFO acting as a catalyst or value integrator.

Leading companies use their CFO as an economic advisor. This leads to improved financial performance.

Be open to different sources of finance

EY - Be open to different sources of finance


Sergio Argüelles, President and CEO of real estate firm FINSA, discusses the flexibility and insight needed to be successful in today’s capital raising environment.

Use profits to generate funding for growth

EY - Use profits to generate funding for growth


Eva Stejskalová, Co-founder of Slovak Republic company MicroStep, discusses how she financed the business from day one, but always kept on eye on future growth.